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Moutai Coin – How a Memecoin Became Liquid Gold on Solana


Moutai Coin on Solana

A Moutai meme coin called Moutai Coin has been growing in popularity on the Solana Chain for the past couple of months, and, at time of writing is sitting at a $44.1m MC and performing very well during the latest BTC pullback which has seen other coins plummet significantly. 

Part of the reason for this strong performance which in our opinion looks set to continue is the pure memability of the Moutai brand. With that in mind, we wanted to take a look at the history of Moutai before it landed on the Solana Blockchain.

Moutai Coin on Solana

Moutai NFTs

In a groundbreaking move, Kweichow Moutai, the titan of Chinese liquor, has ventured into the digital realm by unveiling a unique collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) tied directly to its coveted bottles of liquor. Announced last Saturday, this innovative initiative allows NFT owners the exclusive right to acquire limited edition Moutai liquor, blending the traditional with the cutting-edge in a fascinating way.

Moutai’s foray into NFTs began with the release of 113,960 Lichun-themed digital collectibles, paired with their real-world liquor counterparts. Lichun marks the start of spring in China’s traditional calendar, and Moutai plans to extend this digital-physical pairing across all 24 solar terms, enriching the cultural significance of each bottle.

Priced at 2,899 yuan ($427) for 500ml and 569 yuan for 100ml, these NFT-linked bottles encapsulate a total market value exceeding 139 million yuan ($20 million). Acquisition of these bottles is made possible through an interactive digital platform, Xunfeng Digital World, where users engage in tasks to earn NFTs, thus securing their purchase rights. While the NFTs themselves are non-tradable within the game, a secondary market allows for player-to-player exchanges, facilitating a vibrant community of liquor enthusiasts and collectors alike.

This digital leap by Moutai not only showcases its innovative spirit but also sets a precedent in how traditional brands can bridge to the digital age, offering a taste of exclusivity in both the virtual and physical worlds.

Moutai History

At the heart of China’s pride sits Moutai, the top Chinese liquor. It is loved worldwide, beyond just regular spirits. Made in a special area of 15.03 square kilometers, each drop carries a story of luxury and uniqueness. The journey of Chinese Moutai is not only about its high cost, shown by the $209 price for half a liter. It’s also about a rich history that goes way back.

Moutai is made from the finest ingredients: water from the Chishui River, local sorghum, and wheat. These are combined using traditional methods. This process has made Moutai a favorite in China, making up 97% of its sales. It’s a true symbol of dedication to this special drink.

The Cultural Craze and Market Success of Moutai

Moutai baijiu is more than a luxury spirit. It’s known for unique tastes and high status. It’s a favorite not just in China, but it’s also achieved great financial success. Kweichow Moutai, the Moutai company, has seen its Moutai market cap skyrocket. This places it at the top as a leader in the global industry.

State Banquets to Costco Shelves: Moutai’s Unprecedented Demand

This prestigious Chinese liquor went from exclusive state events to Costco, showing its wide appeal. It shines in Moutai reviews and business events. Demand reflects China’s thriving luxury market. Moutai Feitian, particularly, has become a wealth symbol, with prices jumping. It appeals to young and female customers worldwide, including Australia.

Massive Market Cap Growth: How Moutai Surpasses Global Giants

Kweichow Moutai has outperformed Diageo to become the top alcohol company by market cap. This huge achievement surpasses 100 billion US dollars. Its stock has jumped by 80%, marking it as a valuable liquor investment. This rise supports strong Moutai investor sentiment. It also shows the impact of branding strategies, like focusing on fewer subsidiary brands to boost quality and consumer trust.

The Drink of Diplomacy: Moutai in Historical State Affairs

Moutai is more than just a drink; it’s a key part of China’s national identity. Seen as the ‘drink of diplomacy’, it has played a role in important events like improving Sino-US relations. This coveted Chinese baijiu remains central in diplomatic talks. It reflects how Moutai can connect different cultures, a belief held by many historical leaders.

Investors’ Liquid Asset: The Financial Fervor Surrounding Moutai Stocks

Moutai represents more than a spirit. It’s a symbol of prosperity for investors looking for stable and profitable luxury spirit investments.

The ups and downs of Moutai stocks show the strong belief of investors, turning into real wealth. It shows how Kweichow Moutai stands strong in the investment world. The stock’s strong performance and ability to deal with market uncertainties confirm investors’ confidence. Many expect innovations, like driverless cars, to further boost sales.

Unveiling the Mystery of Moutai’s Production

The Moutai production process is a fine art shaped by its environment. The Moutai brand flourishes near the Chishui River on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. This river provides quality water essential for making Moutai, the heart of its fermentation process.

Farming practices are key to Moutai’s quality. They use local sorghum and wheat, grown traditionally. This ensures their liquor remains top-notch. These grains are then brewed in a secret and ancient way.

Moutai’s charm lies in its flavor and aroma. Crafted by skilled masters, they extract the finest essence through distillation and aging. This careful process makes their liquor unique, capturing the essence of its origin.

Its excellence is recognized globally. A batch of 24 bottles from 1974 sold for over £1 million. This highlights Moutai’s revered production process and its status among collectors.

Not just for the elite, Moutai has been served at state banquets. It has been enjoyed by leaders like Mao Zedong and US Presidents Nixon and Obama. Known as “firewater,” it’s a testament to Moutai’s cultural prestige.

Moutai Distillery

The mystery of Moutai’s production combines nature, tradition, and science. It’s more than just a drink; it’s a symbol of Chinese craftsmanship. This blend of elements allows its rich heritage to be savored in every bottle.

Exploring the Cultural Significance and History of Moutai

Moutai’s story is woven into China’s cultural fabric, showing the spirit of the nation. This top-notch spirit is aged for at least five years. It shines in celebrations and Chinese diplomatic history. Moutai is more than a popular drink. It highlights Chinese hospitality and respect. The care in making Moutai, through steaming, fermenting, and distilling, makes it loved by many. It has earned its spot as a luxury item worldwide.

China’s National Spirit: The Cultural Fabric of Moutai Liquor

Moutai has grown from a beloved drink to China’s national liquor. It embodies luxury in Chinese culture. Known worldwide for its quality and strict production, Moutai represents the spirit of Chinese diplomacy. Its history includes being a peace symbol and supporting the Red Army. In 2020, Kweichow Moutai outpaced major spirits brands, becoming a luxury symbol.

From Red Army Antiseptic to Billionaire’s Beverage: The Evolution of Moutai

Moutai’s journey reflects China’s transformation. It went from a basic antiseptic during the Long March to a collector’s treasure. Its legacy grows in ceramic urns and bottles, making it one of the world’s top spirits. Kweichow Moutai’s profits soared in 2022. It is now cherished worldwide, especially in duty-free shops.

Legacy of Moutai in Overseas Communities: From Chinese Immigrants to Global Connoisseurs

Kweichow Moutai’s tale spreads from Guizhou province to global Chinese communities. It links the past and present, from immigrant roots to worldwide fame. Moutai’s journey includes Camus’s 15-year duty-free legacy and new ventures like Moutai ice cream. These steps show a dedication to growth while fighting counterfeits. They aim to share Moutai’s heritage with enthusiasts globally.


Q: What is Moutai?

Moutai is a top-tier baijiu, loved for its layered taste and deep cultural roots. It’s made by Kweichow Moutai Distillery in Maotai town, Guizhou.

Q: Why is Moutai referred to as the ‘top Chinese liquor’?

Moutai is called ‘top Chinese liquor’ for its prestige in China, its celebrated taste, and its notable history. It’s linked with national events, earning it the title of China’s national drink.

Q: What is unique about Moutai’s distillation process?

Its distillation is special because of the local climate and Chishui River’s water. This combines with a traditional fermentation method, making Moutai’s taste unparalleled.

Q: How expensive is Moutai?

Moutai’s price varies with each line and vintage. A regular 500ml bottle can be pricey, reaching hundreds of dollars. Special editions can go for more, reaching tens of thousands at auctions.

Q: What makes Moutai a symbol of luxury?

Associated with China’s elite and made in limited amounts, Moutai’s rich history and its status as a collector’s item mark it as a luxury. It holds high value and esteem worldwide.

Q: Can you describe the flavor profile of Moutai?

Moutai’s taste is complex, with earthy, fruity, and spicy hints, and a bit sweet. Its alcohol content, about 53%, gives it a strong and warm finish.

Q: How did Moutai play a role in historical state affairs?

Moutai featured in important events, like President Nixon’s 1972 China visit. It’s often a gift in diplomacy, showing respect and friendship, earning its ‘drink of diplomacy’ nickname.

Q: What is the market cap of Kweichow Moutai, and why is it significant?

Kweichow Moutai’s market cap has surpassed global giants, valued in hundreds of billions. This shows its leadership in the liquor market and its major role in the beverage sector.

Q: What historical uses did Moutai have?

Moutai was historically used for health, like an antiseptic and an anesthetic during the Long March. This shows its key role in China’s revolutionary past.

Q: How has Moutai’s legacy continued among overseas Chinese communities?

Among overseas Chinese, Moutai remains a cultural icon. It’s essential at celebrations, connecting them to their heritage and keeping their cultural ties alive.
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